Gym Facilities

  • Dedicated Yoga Studio
  • Reformer Pilates Studio
  • Virtual Cycle Studio
  • Multiple Training Areas
  • Kinesis®™ 3D Training
  • Functional Zones
  • High Performance Studio

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Facilities at South Pacific

TechnoGym ARTIS

ARTIS® is the first ever fully integrated collection of 30 cardio, strength and functional products. This new line is the first to redefine the exercise space with seamless design, connected experiences, natural movement feeling and the ability to reduce, recycle and renew energy. There are so many awesome features with the ARTIS range, from checking your emails while you workout to monitoring your progress over your training regime.


More and more people use smart phones, tablets, smart TV and PC platforms to stay connected and enjoy content wherever they are. The trend of using technology in everyday life is having a monumental impact on the fitness industry: Wellness on the Go represents a tremendous opportunity for us all.

Wellness on the Go is the strategy behind Technogym's ecosystem, a platform that incorporates eight professional mywellness® cloud apps, fitness facilities, Technogym equipment and members' lifestyles both at and outside the gym.

Queenax Functional Training System

South Pacific Health Clubs Chadstone The Fashion Capital will be the first club in Victoria to install the Queenax Functional Training System.

Queenax is the world's most unique, modular system that multiplies the training space within the gym. Queenax offers a multi purpose training area with endless upgradable functional equipment.

WOODWAY Treadmills

WOODWAY specializes in high end, hand built, custom designed treadmills for fitness training, rehabilitation & human performance.

The biggest thing that sets a Woodway apart is the individual rubber T-slats and ball-bearing transportation system. What this technology accomplishes is you never having to change belts or decks.

The ball-bearings also result in less friction, therefore requiring less electricity, less maintenance and less down time. The rubber T-slats allow for less stress on your joints, muscles and tendons while running. The Woodway running surface eliminates the shock on the body often found with conventional treadmills.

The Woodway Curve treadmill is the ideal training tool for coaches and trainers looking to maximize speed, performance and sports specific work to rest ratios. Users have the ability to actually drive the belt which increases posterior chain muscle recruitment and also receive up to a 30% increase in metabolic expenditure.